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Master of Public Policy (MPP)

Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt

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The Willy Brandt School of Public Policy

The Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt was established in 2002 as Germany’s first professional school of public policy. Since its foundation the Willy Brandt School has attracted researchers, lecturers and students from 54 countries which represent all regions of the world. The Brandt School incorporates the vision of its name patron that the world is fundamentally interconnected and interdependent, that local solutions require global understanding, and that responsible policy-making means to boldly think outside of the box.

The Brandt School’s Master of Public Policy (MPP) is a two-year interdisciplinary degree program designed for young academics and professionals who wish to pursue a career in public service, including government agencies, international organizations and the non-profit sector. The MPP program equips future decision makers with the knowledge and practical skills they will need to advance the public interest and make sound policy decisions. The medium of instruction is English and the program is fully accredited through ACQUIN.

Drawn from political science, economics, sociology, public administration and law, the MPP curriculum builds the skills and knowledge base required of a professional policy analyst. It includes courses in political and economic analysis, statistics, public management and ethics. Throughout the coursework, research and field experience, students develop their understanding of the policy process and the institutions and actors involved in that process.

The MPP Curriculum

The MPP consist of a core curriculum, a policy internship and an intensive policy analysis project (practical training module), elective courses taken from five potential areas of speciality (specialization modules), and soft skills and language training.

The mandatory modules make up the core curriculum, while the specialization modules, the practical training module, and the basics and language module can be chosen according to the personal interests and professional needs of each student.

During the first three semesters students complete both the core curriculum and the specialization modules. The students can choose two out the five specialization modules: International Affairs, Public and Nonprofit Management, International Political Economy, Conflict Studies and Management and European Public Policy. The fourth semester will be devoted to the master thesis.


“During my studies of the Master of Public Policy, I became a researcher, policy-maker respectively policy-advisor, as well as a social entrepreneur. Our professors not only imparted knowledge and necessary skills but also encouraged and enabled us to stand-up for our values and visions.” Felicitas Siek from Germany

“The Brandt School shows you different realities of the world, lets you live with different cultures of the world, makes you realize the different problems of the world, but leaves it up to you to make your first step in changing the world.” Sherry Basta from Egypt

Tuition fees and your application

The Brandt School seeks to attract highly qualified and motivated applicants with a passion for and commitment to public policy.

Successful candidates for our program possess strong analytical skills, curiosity and a probing mind, and a commitment to understanding and solving problems. Students with a wide range of backgrounds can fulfill these criteria. Some enter the program directly after their undergraduate degree, while others have several years of professional experience.

MPP tuition fee is EUR 1.750 per semester or EUR 7.000 for the entire program (four semesters).

For further information on the application procedure please visit our website ( or contact us directly (



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