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Globalisation has internationalised virtually every industry. Nowadays, ­managers in almost all fields are expected to be able to act in interna­tional working environ­ments. Our programme aims to prepare students, who already have a strong background in business and/or economics on undergraduate level, to their role as future managers working in an international context. We believe that such a role requires profound general knowledge of business studies on graduate level as well as a potential specialisation, but also a preparation to the practical work in interna­tional teams. MA.IB graduates earn the degree of “Master of Arts” in International Business. We offer the possibility to study at one of our many partner universities and contemporaneously earn their degree as well. If you are interested in proceeding your academic career, our degree is also recognised as a preparation for doctoral studies (PhD) in Germany or abroad.

This Master programme will deepen your management knowledge in the classical fields of business studies, like marketing, financial reporting, business law and others, but also pick up current challenges, like leadership & organisa­tion. It will allow you to specialise in your field of interest, e.g. marketing, ­accounting, service management or human resources at the partner university, and will make you ­familiar with the methods of academic research in business and management. At the same time it will broaden your knowledge: Most modules take an inter­national perspective on the topics they discuss. Learning will take place in small international groups and cover group works as well as small projects. The programme is completely taught in English.

MA.IB students spend their first academic year at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz where they get familiar with the core subjects of international business. The third semester takes place abroad at one of our partner universities and is dedicated to the specialisation. During their final fourth semester students will work on their Master thesis either at the partner university or in Mainz. The program also includes an eight week applied project which is an internship practical training period. 

The MA.IB programme is truly international. Around 50% of the students come from outside of Germany, all modules are taught and assessed in English and take an international perspective. MA.IB students spend at least one ­semester abroad. The teaching approach includes projects and group works, so that students will soon get accustomed to working in international teams. Exchange of professors and lecturers from partner universities further contribute to the students’ internationalisation. Many of the graduates keep in touch years after their studies - without knowing they have created a worldwide network.

The MA.IB programme allows you to acquire skills needed in international business. It broadens your knowledge adding a truly international perspective to your business education and prepares you for middle management positions. As a graduate of the MA.IB programme, future employers will appreciate your ability to cooperate in and to lead culturally diverse working groups, and your willingness to be internationally mobile.


Winter term only

4 semesters

Application deadline

15th June

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor degree in Business (Administration) (Degree: at least 180 ECTS, or 3 years fulltime programme),
  • average grade of at least ECTS-grade „C“, If no ECTS grade is stated, the average grade must be at least 2,5 or better according to the German grading system
  • Excellent English skills, proven by minimum score of TOEFL IBT: 92 points, IELTS 6,5 or TOEIC 800 points
  • German minimum level of A2
  • Another language, minimum level of B2

Selection process
From all applicants, who fulfil all requirements, the 26 best (ranked after average grade of Bachelor degree) will be admitted


  • Semester fee of approx. € 300,-/semester
  • For applicants who already hold a Master degree or German „Diplom“ degree, additional tuition fee of currently € 650,- per semester
  • Tuition for the second year at the partner university follows the cost of the host university. There­fore, tuition has to be paid at the partner  university. At several partner universities a limited number of MA.IB students are accepted tuition free. Please check the MA.IB website for further details.

Contact and Advice
Judith Busch, Programme Manager

Programme Director
Prof. Dr. Daniel Porath

Further information about the study programme can be found on the websites of the university
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