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Polymer Science – A key discipline enabling innovations in sustainable development.

Sustainable polymeric materials and system-integrated functional polymers play a key role in modern life and economy. Progress in polymer sciences is an important pacemaker for:

  • Creating advanced materials for sustainable developments
  • Enabling high resource and energy efficiency
  • Protecting climate, environment and human health
  • Rendering high-tech products available for everybody

In contrast to conventional materials, polymers combine:

  • Low carbon footprint with attractive ecobalance
  • Tailored property profiles with facile processing
  • High cost efficiency with high versatility
  • Low weight with high durability and recycling
  • Multifunctionality with facile system integration

The focus is placed upon the development of advanced polymeric materials and systems. Selected examples include:

  • Bio-based materials for light weight engineering and biomedecine
  • Adaptive ("smart") materials and systems responding to their environment
  • Energy-autonomous micro/bio systems for energy management and health care
  • Bio-inspired, 3D-printed multifunctional polymers/ systems

1. Focus of the national degree program

The research-oriented and consecutive M.Sc. Sustainable Materials - Polymer Sciences begins every winter semester in Freiburg.

In the first semester, the main focus will be teaching the basics of macromolecular chemistry, polymer physics and polymer technologies. There will also be a practical training with the senior lectures of this master degree program.

Language requirement: German and English knowledge level B2

2. Focus of the international degree programl

Built on a long-standing transnational collaboration in training and research, the University of Freiburg and the University of Strasbourg offer an International Master program in "Polymer Sciences" (IM-PolyS). All courses are held in English language.

Program and courses of IM-PolyS:

  • Semester 1 (Strasbourg): Introduction to polymer and soft matter science, complemented by courses in physical chemistry and/or physics
  • Semester 2 (Freiburg consistent with second Semester in Freiburg)
  • Semester 3 “à la carte”: Specialization through a broad list of elective courses offered in Strasbourg and Freiburg
  • Semester 4 : Master’s research internship and Master Thesis The French-German University will grant a s cholarship to every IM-PolyS student

Language requirement: English knowledge level B2

Curriculum content

In the second semester – together with the international students from Strasbourg - you can choose between the three main focus aereas:

I. Advanced Macromolecular Materials and Nanostructure Engineering:
Advanced knowledge of designing, structuring and implementing advanced functional polymers.

II. Macromolecular Engineering and System Integration:
Advanced knowledge of surface analysis, (micro) fabrication and assembly of flexible, energy-autonomous embedded micro systems and their applications..

III. Biomaterials and Biosystems:
Advanced knowledge of biobased polymer materials for sustainable development, exploiting renewable resources and the integration of biopolymer and synthetic functional polymers into (bio/micro) systems.

In the third semester, the advanced and research training introduces students to their master thesis. In their third semester, students are encouraged to gain work experience at another university, research institute and industry. In the fourth semester, the master thesis takes place.

Who can apply?

  • Highly qualified and motivated bachelors
  • Applicants with a bachelor degree in physics, chemistry, materials science or engineering with excellent grades
  • Applicants should have a strong interest to expand their horizon at the scientific and cultural levels
  • Applicants should have excellent proficiency in English. An interview (in person / skype / telephone) might be scheduled in order to verify the candidate’s motivation and level of English


National program: Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Freiburg
Prof. Dr. Rolf Mülhaupt

International program: UFR Physique et Ingénierie
Yves Holl
Email :

Administrative Coordinator
Christina Kress-Metzler
Phone : (+49) 761 203 6063
Email :

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