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The EU4M Joint Master Degree is a 120-ECTS, 4-semester integrated Master programme designed to be taken in two consecutive academic years. Three of the degree awarding institutions (UNIOVI, HSKA and NU) will be offering the same academic contents in three different languages (Spanish, German and English) to give the students the same preparation and different language options. It must be noted that, although the courses taught in each of these three institutions may differ, the final competencies acquired will be the same and can be related to the modules and courses defined in the EU4M Programme.

In their second year, students will move to one or two of the other partner or associated institutions, in order to complete the required mobility periods: at least two 30-ECTS periods in two different programme countries.

The five degree awarding institutions are offering a different specialization track. Additionally, further specialization can be obtained through internships and the final project resulting in the Master’s Thesis. Internship and Master’s Thesis could be carried our either in a partner or at an associated institution. This provides further possibilities to the students to adapt to their ideal specialization.

Consortium partners

Together with the Coordinating University (Universidad de Oviedo, Spain (UNIOVI), four other institutions make the JMD in Mechatronic Engineering possible.

  • Hochschule Karlsruhe – Technik und Wirtschaft, Germany (HSKA)
  • École Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et des Microtehniques, France (ENSMM)
  • Nile University, Egypt (NU)
  • Ivanovo State Power Engineering University, Russian Federation (ISPU)


Graduates with a B.Sc. or an equivalent degree in Science or Engineering can start this master’s programme after selection and acceptance at one of the five partner institutions.During the whole first year, students will spend at their home institution UNIOVI, HSKA or Nile taking courses in basic mechatronics and national languages and culture.

For the second year, students must move to one at least one of the other partner institutions. In the third semester, students choose a specialisation at that institution. The final semester is dedicated to the master’s thesis which may be done at any of the five partner institutions.

Master Thesis

The master’s thesis work can be written at any of the partner universities or associated partners. The list of available thesis topics is agreed upon by the EU4M Local Academic Committee and associated partners, verifying the feasibility and quality of the project topic and methodology. Students are also encouraged to propose their own topics for their master’s thesis. The thesis is an individual in-depth research or expert design project. The thesis counts for 30 ECTS credits and students write and report on the thesis in the 4th semester.

Objectives of the Master Course

Graduates of the Joint Master Degree in Mechatronic Engineering are professionally qualified to work scientifically in the field of mechatronics and micro-mechatronics. With their management qualifications, they are able to work in interdisciplinary and international teams to solve complex mechatronic tasks. EU4M graduates have the ability to adapt quickly and are flexible in dealing with a variety of tasks and problems from different fields. Having a qualification in intercultural communication, they are able to communicate easily in different languages with people from different countries.

Learning outcomes

After completing the EU4M programme, the graduates will:

  • be able to take responsibility in industrial and public projects in the field of industrial manufacturing, research and development
  • optimise processes between mechanical and electronic groups and integrate elements of micro-system technologies into a wide range of technical products
  • be able to analyse situations and problems, define interfaces between different technologies and implement them in different applications
  • adapt to job requirements in foreign countries and cultures and work in international networks and groups
  • work as multiplicators in their home countries
  • work as part of a team
  • have a high level of cultural skill
  • speak at least two European languages

Admission criteria

To be eligible for the JMD EU4M programme, applicant must fulfil these minimal requirements:

  • Be holder of a bachelor degree or an equivalent university degree (180 ECTS credits) from one of the following subject areas: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Automotive/Aerospace, Sensor Technologies or a related scientific engineering subject.
  • A good academic background, assessed on the basis of complete grade lists of the previous study programme and professional background (desirable).
  • High language skills in at least one of the following languages: German, Spanish, French and English. The EU4M Programme is taught using local languages, which means that students need to be fluent in those languages in order to follow the course.
    • HSKA: German 
    • UNIOVI: Spanish
    • ENSMM: French
    • ISPU, NU: English

Tuition fees

Common tuition fees apply, determined by the Consortium Committee as follows:

  • EUR 4,500 per semester for non-European students (EUR 18,000 for the full academic programme)
  • EUR 2,250 per semester for European students (EUR 9,000 for the full academic programme)

Tuition fees have to be paid to the coordinating institution (Universidad de Oviedo) according to the calendar below or accept the deduction of that amount out of the EACEA Scholarship according to the Student Agreement.

  • 25% of the total tuition fees: At registration
  • 25% of the total tuition fees: Before the beginning of the 2nd semester
  • 25% of the total tuition fees: Before the beginning of the 3rd semester
  • 25% of the total tuition fees: Before the beginning of the 4th semester


The European Union is currently offering scholarships to EU and non-EU students interested in joining the JMD EU4M Programme. These scholarships cover tuition fees, travel expenses and living costs. For more information about this topic, please refer to our website.

Application deadlines

The application deadline varies depending on whether students want to apply for an EACEA scholarship or not:

  • January 15th for students applying for an EACEA scholarship
  • May 31st for self-paying students

Non-EU students using the deadline corresponding to self-paying students must take into account the time required to get the visa required to travel to their first-year country.


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