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International Business, B.Sc.

ESB Business School, Hochschule Reutlingen

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Key Facts

  • Admission requirements: Formal qualification for university entrance and a good command of English
  • Admission procedure: Written application, test and interview in English
  • Application deadline: Summer intake: 15 October for applicants with foreign (non-EU) university entrance qualification, 30 November for applicants with German or EU/EEA university entrance qualification
    Winter intake: 15 April for applicants with foreign (non-EU) university entrance qualification, 30 June for applicants with German or EU/EEA university entrance qualification
  • Start of programme: Winter semester and summer semester
  • Length of programme: 7 semesters, 1-2 additional semesters for “Fast Track” master`s degree
  • Semesters abroad: 1 international study semester mandatory, 1-2 additional study semesters for “Fast Track” master`s degree option, plus international internship(s)
  • Intake numbers: 140 per year (70 German students and 70 international students)
  • Degrees awarded: Bachelor of Science from Reutlingen University + master´s/MBA degree optional for a defined number of students (“Fast Track”)
  • Tuition and fees: No tuition fees for semesters in Reutlingen and normal exchange semesters for German or EU/EEA students. For students from non-EU countries the tuition fee is 1,500 EUR per semester. Administration fee of approx. 165 EUR per semester. For master’s or MBA programmes (in the fast track option) at international partner universities, tuition fees range between 10,000 and 40,000 EUR depending on the partner university.

International and flexible

Do you want to be perfectly prepared for an international business career? Do you want to have the option of obtaining an international master’s degree within only eight semesters? Do you want to have the highest degree of flexibility with respect to specialisation in business areas? Then apply for the ESB Business School´s International Business programme, which offers you the opportunity to personalise your experience through international and practical study semesters, and various specialisations and degree choices. Our International Business Bachelor of Science (BSc), taught entirely in English, will provide you with the right skills and knowledge to succeed in an international company. After seven semesters, you will have completed the Bachelor of Science at Reutlingen University. In addition, after one or two more semesters, you may obtain a master’s or MBA degree at one of our highly reputable partner universities.

Why International Business?

Many Options and many opportunities

All students start with the same foundational semesters. The IB programme not only provides you with a comprehensive and strong foundation in international business, but also helps you jump-start your career during the fifth semester when you choose your area of specialisation. From the fifth semester on, the programme structure gives you high flexibility for:

  • Selecting your specialisation from a broad range of areas, such as Marketing & Strategy, Finance & Accounting, or Human Resource Management & Organization.
  • Preferred access to over 50 international partner universities for your study abroad.
  • Opting for our “Fast Track” master`s degree option at one of our international partner universities. This option is available to a defined number of students and can be completed within only eight semesters. This feature of the International Business Bachelor of Science at Reutlingen University is unique in Germany.


As a student in the International Business programme, you will experience a very international atmosphere right here on our Reutlingen campus, training your intercultural skills. 70 of the 140 slots available each year are allocated to international students. Additionally, the programme has 50 highly reputable partner universities all over the world. You will spend your international study semester(s) at one of these partner universities and have regular contact with their exchange students and guest professors.

Programme structure

  1. Semester: Foundation 1
  2. Semester: Foundation 2
  3. Semester: Foundation 3
  4. Semester: Internship
  5. Semester: Majors (e.g. Marketing & Strategy,Finance & Accounting, HRM & Organization)
  6. Semester: International Studies/Practical Thesis
  7. Semester: Practical Thesis/International Studies

Practical Orientation

Two practical semesters form part of the International Business programme, thus preparing you for a career in international companies. During this time, you will apply theoretical knowledge gained during your studies, enhance your soft skills, and increase your understanding of different management tasks. You can go to a different country for the practical semester(s) and you may choose to write your bachelor thesis in cooperation with your internship company.


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