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Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

is an innovative and practically-oriented university for economics and business, architecture, engineering, computer science and art, and design with more than 4,000 students. The courses are organized in small groups which enable students to participate intensively and have close contact with professors and lecturers. Moreover, our university works closely with numerous well known companies and institutions to establish a business-oriented curriculum.

The city of Augsburg, with over 2000 years of history, is located in Southern Germany. With approximately 20,000 students, it is a lively university city and an ideal place to study. The city is full of museums, theatres, exhibitions, but also taverns, cinemas, concerts and public festivals. Augsburg is close to both Munich and the Bavarian Alps.

For more detailed information about the city, please visit the website.

Master of International Business and Finance (Master of Arts)

The Master of International Business and Finance programme is a 3-term programme. An important element of this programme is cross-cultural exposure. All students are required to study for one term at a partner university.

The core of the programme aims at the following areas:

  • Professional expertise: Students will acquire in-depth knowledge of the complex structure of financial markets, financial communications, and corporate financial and governance issues. In turn, they will be able to make decisions autonomously.
  • Communication expertise: By learning both the potential and limitations of different methods and instruments of financial communications, students are able to apply important rules and to comply with capital market regulations in everyday business.
  • International exposure: First hand cross-cultural experience is acquired at a partner university outside of Germany.
  • Social competence: Through active learning, students are trained in leadership skills to manage complex tasks independently and experience team work.

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation, students will be able to advance to leadership positions in multinational and medium-sized companies. Graduates will specialize in financial and entrepreneurial-driven fields of activity.

Language of instruction

Most courses are taught in English. Therefore, it is essential that prospective students have a very good command of English. Knowledge of German is also a prerequisite.

Students are required to submit a proof of their language. For futher information visit our web page.

Duration and Start of Master Programme

The 3-term Master Programme starts every March.

Each term will last for approximately 18 weeks (15 weeks of lectures and three weeks of exams)

  • Summer term from March 15th through July 31st
  • Winter term from October 1st through February 15th

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the Master Programme is December 15th.
Applications should be sent to the Student Registration Office only.

Admission Requirements

The Master programme is a consecutive course of studies for graduates of economics and business. Graduates of a diploma or bachelor degree are eligible to apply. Graduates of related disciplines are also eligible.

Students from the European Union: Erasmus

We are an active participant of the Erasmus exchange programme set up by Member states of the European Union. Through this programme, students from European universities may study for one or two semesters at other universities in Europe. Erasmus students are eligible for financial support in the form of Mobility Grants for their stay at our University.

Students from outside of European Union

We welcome students from all continents and maintain bilateral agreements with partner universities in North and South America, Asia-Pacific, etc.
Students can also complete European language courses such as German, French, Italian and Spanish free of charge.


The University of Applied Sciences Augsburg is a state university under the Bavarian Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts. The Master of International Business and Finance has been approved by the Bavarian Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts.

Exams and Grading

Final exams take place during the final three weeks of the semester. The exam schedule will be published via the internet.

In addition to written end-of-semester exams, most modules also require presentations, individual or group projects, and other assignments as part of the graded coursework.

Credits will be awarded only for those courses in which the student has earned a passing grade (grade 4 or above).

If students do not earn a passing grade, it is possible to retake the exams twice.

Partner Universities

The following universities have expressed their readiness to participate in our Master in International Business and Finance.

  • Switzerland   
    Fachhochschule Luzern/ Winterthur
    Instruction Language: English
  • Denmark   
    University of Southern Denmark
    Instruction Language: English
  • Sweden    
    University of Lulea
    Instruction Language: English
  • Finland   
    Central Ostrobothnia University (only weekend courses)
    Instruction Language: English
  • United Kingdom   
    University of Huddersfield
    Instruction Language: English
  • Italy   
    Università di Modena
    Instruction Language: Italian
  • France   
    Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Extérieur, Paris
    Instruction Language: French  


The study plan is as follows:
From the block of compulsory electives either M6.1 or M6.2 has to be selected.       

Compulsory modules
M1 Financial Market Decisions
M2 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
M3 Managing People
M4 Financial Economics, Financial Institutions and Monetary Policy
M5 Cases and Projects in Finance

Elective modules
The electives focus on selected highly interesting topics of global corporate finance.
M6.1 Advanced Risk Management
M6.2 Advanced M&A Management
M6.3 Investment Banking & Structured Finance  

Modules studied abroad
M11-M… Modules differ from institution to institution. They are determined by agreement with the partner institution. 

M21 Master Thesis  

Module descriptions in brief

M1 Financial Market decisions
Students acquire a comprehensive understanding of structural aspects of financial and economical decisions. They are introduced to mathematical models for relevant market variables (share quotations, foreign currencies, interest rates, raw goods).

M2 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
Students become familiar with the ethical dimensions of economic decisions on both business and national levels. They will study the conflicting ethical concepts to appreciate the chances as well as problems of their application. Courses focus on the social and economic relevance of efficient governance rules and its ethical dimensions.

M3 Managing People
Students become familiar with most important theories of human resource management and acquire the knowledge needed to analyze the implicit and explicit acceptance of these theories. Thus, students are put into position to appraise the application possibilities as well as limitations of these leadership theories in a well founded way.

M4 Financial Economics, Financial Institutions and Monetary Policy
Students learn how financial markets function, the rules they follow, the role international institutions play, and the macro and micro-economic consequences of the internationalisation of financial markets. Students also learn about the legal basis and the monetary political instruments on national and international levels.

M5 Project/Cases in Finance
Students learn to engage themselves with their peers elaborating a current topic of practical relevance from the range of finance. Project work is done with partner companies to which the results are then presented.

M6.1 Advanced Corporate Finance
Students learn to understand the concepts and problems of net yield and risk measurement. They also study concepts in the analysis of share and bond markets as well as business interest- and currency-management. Students acquire profound understanding of the structures of current financial instruments in the context of treasury management. They acquire knowledge regarding the structuring of international strategic alliances and comprehensive knowledge for evaluating and successfully accomplishing Mergers & Acquisitions. Value driven management will also be focused extensively. 

M6.2  Financial Communications
Students acquire a detailed understanding of internal and external financial communications determined by legal guidelines, corporate governance rules, and business objectives. They learn strategic options for enterprises and how they can be applied in the real business world. Students also study the link between business communications and marketing. Thus, they learn about financial communications seen by multipliers, financial markets, and society.

M11 - M… Modules taken abroad
Students select five or fewer modules at a partner university with a total of 30 ECTS credits. Our university works with our respective partner universities to select module options. The modules must be part of a master programme at the partner university. The modules must originate from the following subject areas

  • 1. Strategic Management
  • 2. Marketing Management
  • 3. Financial Service Managemen
  • 4. Real Estate Management
  • 5. Financial Management in sector xy (i.e. automotive industry, transportation, utilities, media and television or other.)


Applications should be sent to:

Hochschule Augsburg
University of Applied Sciences Augsburg
An der Hochschule 1
D-86161 Augsburg

Postfach 110605
D-86031 Augsburg

For further information please contact:

Academic Advisor
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Feix
phone  +49 (0) 821 5586 2953
fax  +49 (0) 821 598 2902

You get further information on the website
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