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Media Kit 2018

We are IVW-certified

October 2018: 87% Inland
280,291 Visits, 1,143;594 PIs

Media Rates

Are you interested in advertising? Are your target group students?
Then have a look at our Media Kit >

You can access interesting advertising examples here >

Advertisement Standards

Banner / Content Ad 468x60, max. 50kB TKP 15.00 EUR
Targeting custom delivery
160x300, max. 50kB
TKP 30.00 EUR
Mobile Ad: Banner (4:1) 600x150, max. 100kB TKP 25.00 EUR
Mobile Ad: Rectangle (6:5) 600x500, max. 100kB TKP 50.00 EUR
Newsletter Advertisement in the sent Newsletter and on the news website 500.00 EUR
Infobox Title, short text in the Infobox 600.00 EUR / month
Partner home Image, short text in the partner area,
160x120, max. 50kB
1,100.00 EUR / month
Partner channel Image, short text in the partner area,
160x120, max. 50kB
1,300.00 EUR / month
Tipp channel Box in the content area (channel),
160x300, max. 50kB
1,700.00 EUR / month
Tipp search Box in the content area (search engine),
400x160, max. 50kB
2,500.00 EUR / month
Tipp home Box in the content area (home),
160x300, max. 30kB
2,700.00 EUR / month
all prices are excluding vat
Trial-Discount 10%
Runtime- / Volume-Discount on enquiry
AE 10%

Advertisement Specials offers a rich portfolio of innovative advertisement options.

  • Geotargeting (regional placements)
  • Keyword Advertisement
  • Editorial cooperation
  • Branding, flexible sponsoring of rubrics


Our AdServer-Software enables live tracking of your campaign..

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