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The Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience

The Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience provides research oriented career tracks leading to a master and/or a doctoral degree in neuroscience which provide an ideal preparation for a career in science and academia.

The master students have to choose different major subjects in the field of neuroscience. Their main focus can be in neural and behavioural sciences, cellular and molecular neurosciences or in the field of computational neuroscience. The Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience provides a markedly broad spectrum of neuroscience research and training opportunities in Tübingen. Teaching is entirely in English.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for the master programs, an above-average bachelor's degree from an internationally recognised university is required. The graduate programs are open for students with an undergraduate education in various disciplines.

Application / Recruitment

A detailed application guide and the respective application forms are available on our website. Application deadline is January 15 for the following winter term.

The recruitment procedure for the master course is three-stepped:

  1. Written application send to the Graduate Training Centre by January 15
  2. Subject test taken in your home country
  3. Interviews at the University of Tübingen

Final decisions are disclosed by the program's admission committee by the end of March.


The Graduate School´s master programs last four semesters. The first two semesters are dedicated to basic course work and the third semester to laboratory rotations of two times 10 weeks each. During the fourth semester, students perform experimental lab work for their master thesis. In addition to lectures, seminars and tutorials, we offer courses that introduce students to ongoing research in Tübingen, such as laboratory visits, journal clubs with faculty members, and laboratory rotations. This supports student to find a suitable laboratory and a project for their masters and, eventually, doctoral thesis.

List of Courses

Please visit our website for an individual course plan.

Profile of the Programs

Duration: 4 semesters
Degree: Master of Science
Start: every winter term / beginning of October
Application Deadline: January 15 for admission to the following winter term
Language: English

Flyer of the Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience >

Guidlines for Master Students >


If you would like to learn more about the Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience, download our flyer, visit our website or contact us directly…

Prof. Dr. Horst Herbert (Dean of Study)
phone: (+49) 7071-29-77177

You can get further Informations on the Website of the Graduate Training Centre of Neuroscience
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