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More than a typical MBA program

  • Designed for bachelor graduates from STEM fields with management ambitions
  • Located in one of Europe’s most innovative and advanced industrial regions, a one-of-a-kind business cluster
  • Strong links to global players, hidden champions and family companies, such as Bosch, Daimler, EY, Festo, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Kärcher, Porsche, PwC and Siemens
  • Lifts students out of the classroom into real life situations in the industry through company visits, case studies and team projects with companies
  • Specialisation in an industrial management field during the mandatory corporate project and master’s thesis in the industry
  • Optimal learning environment with a high professor-student ratio
  • Internationally ranked among the top European MBA programmes in industrial management

Esslingen University is one of the leading universities in Germany for applied sciences, with core areas in engineering and management, as well as applied research.

These strengths form the Esslingen MBA in International Industrial Management, which focuses on the functional areas of business (operations, marketing and finance) in the manufacturing sector and the encompassing services.

Management Careers

In an International Network
Today’s business managers need a whole new range of skills to lead an enterprise in the global marketplace. They need to combine a strong industrial knowledge with a passion for management; to build bridges between countries and cultures. The Esslingen MBA is dedicated to educating highly skilled business professionals, and prepares them for a management career in an international environment. As an Esslingen MBA graduate, you will work at the interface between technology and management, or in a management position requiring goal-oriented problem-solving.

Esslingen MBA graduates are particularly sought after by German companies in the field of automotive and mechanical engineering, as well as consulting.

Alumni Network around the Globe
Networking is essential for success in today's global business world. Over 90% of Esslingen MBA students are international, with representatives from approximately 12 different nations each year: the resulting intercultural network is a particular highlight of the Esslingen MBA.

Course of study

1. Semester

  • Finance & Business Planning (corporate & applied finance, economics, financial accounting, quantitative methods)
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management (industrial solutions, information technology, project management, quality management, supply chain management)
  • Marketing, Strategy & Leadership (corporate strategy, industrial & applied marketing, market & competitive intelligence)
  • Organizational Behavior (interpersonal skills, teamwork)

2. Semester

  • Operations & Supply Chain Management (enterprise resource planning, global operations management, international technology & production, production systems)
  • Finance & Business Planning (business simulation, entrepreneurship, international finance, management accounting, mergers & acquisitions, risk management)
  • Marketing, Strategy & Leadership (international commercial transactions, international marketing)
  • Organizational Behavior (human resources management, business ethics)

3. Semester

  • Master's Thesis (scientific methodology, thesis defence)
  • Corporate Project


The application period for the MBA is 15 October to 31 May. 

Application details are published on our website >


Ms TuDao Luong
MBA Program Manager
MBA: Tel +49(0)711.397-44 66

For further information visit the website.
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Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

The city of Esslingen has a population of over 93,000 inhabitants, and lies nestled in the vineyards overlooking the Neckar valley. Stuttgart, the capital city of Baden-Wuerttemberg, is only 20 kilometres away.

Near the university, there are many hiking paths through the vineyards and forests that can be explored on foot, by bicycle or segway. Within the city, there are many parks, the city castle, waterways, street cafés and theatres. In the winter, the old city centre lights up with a Christmas market; in the summer, live music, open-air cinemas and artisan’s markets make Esslingen come to life. Esslingen’s historical city centre, with its half-timbered houses, its cafés and its diverse cultural life, is an ideal surrounding for a successful study time.

Esslingen has a history reaching back over 1,200 years, a history in which tradition and progress have gone hand in hand. Since its industrialisation, Esslingen has been a major centre for engineering education, and it is this mixture of technical prowess and cultural tradition that makes Esslingen an ideal place to study.