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This double degree program is conducted in cooperation with the Università degli studi di Pavia. Students spend one year at the University of Tübingen and one year at the partner institution, earning a degree from both institutions. Students of this program are full students at both universities.

The Pavia Tübingen Dual Degree Program provides students with a unique study experience. Designed as a two-year program to be completed at both of the partnering universities, featuring a broad range of courses and granting two degrees, this master program perfectly prepares graduates for an international career.

This master program endows students with the skills and capacities necessary to succeed in the European economic world. With one study year in Pavia, Italy, and one study year in Tübingen, Germany, students experience two cultures, two campus lives, two academic practices. Graduates look forward to excellent career perspectives in various sectors. By the end of their studies they are granted two master degrees: the Laurea Magistrale degree and the Master of Science degree.
Students may choose to either start their master at the Università degli Studi di Pavia or at the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen. To complete their studies, students are obliged to obtain a total of 120 ECTS-Credits, 60 must be earned at each of the two universities.


In Tübingen, students focus on up to three specializations out of Economics, International Economics, Finance and Econometrics. Depending on their specialization they take compulsory and elective courses. All courses are taught in English. Studying in Pavia students follow the track of the M. Sc. in Economics, Finance and International Integration. The entire program is taught in English. Students can choose courses out of a set of specializations in the field of Economics. A series of additional courses on economic globalization, like International Trade, Labor Migration, International Capital Flows and International Financial markets educate students to become true experts in International Economics.

Specializations in Tübingen:

  • Econometrics
  • Economics
  • International Economics
  • Finance

Specializations in Pavia:

  • Industrial Organization & Market Regulation
  • International Economic Integration & Development
  • Finance

Ph. D. track

The program may be completed on a PhD track, preparing students for an academic career.

Starting in 2013, the school offers a new taught Ph.D. program covering Economics, Finance and Business Studies.


Admission to our Dual Degree Program requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or Economics with a grade better than 2.5 that amounts to 180 ECTS credits (e. g. a three-year Bachelor). European Economics applicants are expected to have solid intermediate knowledge in at least two of the following fields: Micro- and Macroeconomics, Foreign Trade and Trade Policy, Quantitative Methods, Finance and Investment Theory.

The program requires students to be fluent in writing and reading English and German. A good understanding of Italian is also demanded. 

This program is tuition-free for students from inside the European Union. All other students are charged with 1.500 Euro per semester.


Admission is subject to a competitive selection procedure that includes individual interviews with faculty members. Shortlisted candidates from overseas will be interviewed in a video conference.

Application deadline: May 15

Interviews with shortlisted applicants are scheduled for early June.
Letters of admission will be sent out by the end of June.
The program starts at the beginning of October.

Application details are published on our website >

Flyer (PDF) >


Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions: or

For further information visit the website.
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The Tübingen School of Business and Economics

The School of Business and Economics at the University of Tübingen is dedicated to high-level academic education in both Business Administration and Economics. We offer three Bachelor of Science programs and nine different Master of Science programs, all of which mirror the widely respected academic expertise of the faculty, allowing students to specialize in areas with promising career prospects. The School has about 60 academic staff, among them 20 full professors, generating a very active research environment. Our academic staff keeps close contact with the international scientific community, regularly presenting their research on international conferences. Students benefit from courses taught at the frontier of academic research. They learn in small groups, with close contact to instructors. Former graduates of the School have won prestigious scholarships overseas and have been accepted for top Ph. D. programs. We run both an internal and an external research seminar, hosting visitors from all over the world.

The School of Economics in Pavia

The School of Economics is heir to the original Italian schools of Commerce, which were founded in the second half of the 18th century, and subsequently transformed into the various faculties of Economics and Business. The constant burgeoning of world-wide markets, the rapid development of financial markets and the expansion of new information and communication technologies multiplied the professional profiles required by the faculty graduates. In order to comply with the new requirements, the faculty adapted itself and hence diversified the training it offers, that is to say three Lauree Triennale and four Lauree Magistrale programs.

The Master programs at the School of Business and Economics