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Marketing has seen an enormous increase in importance in recent years. Technological developments and complex future trends require a new, modern understanding of the role of a Marketing Manager. Nowadays, a manager with sure instincts for customers, markets and dynamic market developments as well as for the use of innovative technologies is in demand.

The contents of the degree programme were coordinated with leading companies. In this way we ensure that you are well prepared for the demands of the labour market.

Organisational matters

Programme duration: 3 semesters
Studytype: Full-time
Begin of course of studies: Each winter semester
Venues: Classes will take place both on Campus Rheinbach and on Campus Sankt Augustin.
Teaching and examination languages: English
Degree: Master of Science (qualifies to pursue a doctorate, for example, at the Graduate Institute of the University)

Admission requirements

It is required to provide evidence of a first academic degree in Economics (or in a related discipline) with a final grade of 2,3. Furthermore the degree must have been awarded a minimum of 210 credits (ECTS). The share of the business administration modules must be at least 70 credits (ECTS). If the undergraduate degree has been awarded fewer than 210 credits, but a minimum of 180 credits a practical term must be successfully completed. Applicants who are not native English Speakers need to upload a proof of English language proficiency during the online application process of C1 Level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The following tests will be accepted: IELTS, Cambridge Advanced English/Cambridge Proficiency oder TOEFL. If you have any questions, please contact the study coordinator Patricia Brischke (

Course begin, application and deadlines

The Master's programme starts in the winter semester. For more information on the application procedure click here.

Semester contribution

More information about the semester contribution fee at the state-owned Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences can be found on the website of the registrar's office.

Department facilities

  • Modern media technology in the seminar rooms and lecture halls
  • Three computer labs each on Campus Rheinbach and Sankt Augustin
  • Rooms for student group work
  • Free WiFi on the campus of the University
  • Excellently appointed University Library

Goals of the programme

The goal of the Master's programme is to give students a deeper understanding of marketing issues on the basis of a sound marketing-related training. In particular, various technological developments and future trends are taken into account in the development of markets. This ensures that the students are prepared for future market requirements and are very attractive for a potential employer.

The students are:

  • enabled to analyse processes and problems of business practice to create practical solutions, while respecting international and extra-curricular references,
  • are put in a position to recognize the need for action in an economic environment, to define marketing-specific goals and,
  • using solid methodological knowledge, develop and implement science-based solutions which are situationally adequate.

Building on the skills acquired in the context of the relevant Bachelor's programme, the three-semester Master's degree programme imparts the requisite knowledge and the basic key competences in the areas of marketing, methods and economics.  

Typical work areas of our graduates:

  • Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Management Consulting
  • Strategy
  • Sales Management
  • Key Account Management
  • Business Development


Department Offices

Campus Rheinbach
von-Liebig-Straße 20, 53359 Rheinbach

Heike Lösch/ Stephanie Schmidt
Phone +49 (0)2241/865 401
Fax +49 (0)2241/865 8401

Campus Sankt Augustin
Grantham-Allee 20, 53757 Sankt Augustin

Monika Kiel/Martina Althof
Phone +49 (0)2241/865 101
Fax +49 (0)2241/865 8101

Registrar’s Office

For any questions regarding application, admission,
registration, recognition of courses passed at other universities
Phone +49 (0)2241 865 626

For more information about the program please visit the Website of the University.
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