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This degree course educates students to become computer scientists in the health industry. Informatics-based, medical, scientific and technical knowledge in healthcare and in the healthcare industry are influential in management. This course provides knowledge and skills to design information systems for the healthcare sector and throughout the healthcare industry to develop, configure, operate, and comply with the applicable rules and regulations.

Course Content

The programme has a standard period of study of 7 semesters, with 6 theory-based semesters and one practical semester.

In two semesters, general scientific fundamentals from the fields of computer science, economics and natural sciences will be imparted. Subsequently, students will gain more in-depth knowledge of the areas of application of healthcare informatics in order to prepare for the practical component in the fifth semester. Specialization and an orientation toward a specific occupational field takes place in the last two semesters through the choice of competence fields.

One of the theory-based semesters should be completed at a foreign University (semester abroad).

The order in which the semester abroad and the practical semester are completed is not fixed. The semester abroad can be completed in either the fifth or sixth semester of study; as can the practical semester.

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Career Prospects: Bachelor Health Informatics

The students will acquire:

  • Comprehensive technical knowledge from the field of healthcare informatics which enables them to directly solve problems and to assume leadership roles in healthcare facilities, institutions and organizations
  • Social and methodological competencies which allow them to act confidently and competently in a complex, multi-professional and intercultural environment.

The bachelor programme, Informatics in the Healthcare Industry, enables its graduates to carry out both scientifically founded and ethically insightful work on the basis of a systematic approach. The integrated practical study semester which takes place in selected healthcare institutions, organisations and businesses in close coordination with the DIT helps to achieve this goal.

In achieving the outlined qualification goals, the programme’s applied orientation is of special importance. The application and transfer of scientific knowledge to concrete, current issues in the field of healthcare informatics will be ensured through the programme’s focus on various fields of application. The content and structure of the course opens up the opportunity for students to gain in-depth, interdisciplinary and process-oriented insights into an area of application from early on in their studies.

  • System development
  • System administration
  • IT safety and security in healthcare
  • Process manager
  • System analyst
  • IT security manager
  • Medical Technology
  • Compliance coordinators
  • Distribution of medical products
  • Clinical studies
  • Telematics and eHealth

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Duration: 7 semesters
Start: October (winter semester)
Course language: English
Course accreditation: Currently in the accreditation process by ASIIN
Applications: Apply online
Admission requirements:

  • General university entrance qualification
  • Language requirements


  • Prior knowledge in economics or science-based subjects is beneficial
  • Basic programming skills

Further qualifications

  • Master Medical Informatics
  • Master Business Informatics


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Alexandra Niewöhner, M.A.
+49 (0)991 3615-373

Kathrin Auer, M.A.
+49 (0)991 3615-641


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