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Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (M.A.)

Universität Witten/Herdecke

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Witten works. In research, teaching and in society. In - and at the interfaces of - health, economics and culture.

Witten/Herdecke University (UW/H) was founded and state recognized in 1982 and ever since has been a pioneer among Germany’s higher education institutions. Over a period of 30 years, we introduced significant innovations in research and teaching. As a model university we stand for dynamic reforms of the traditional alma mater and the pursuit of a humanistic educational concept adapted to the challenges of our modern knowledge society. In adherence to Humboldt’s educational ideals we perceive ourselves as an entrepreneurial university and strive to integrate research and student education, provision of scientific services, practical application and social responsibility. Theory-based and practice-oriented teaching at UW/H is always associated with the acquisition of subject-related, methodical, social and cultural competences, value orientation and personal growth.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (M.A.)

The English-language Master program in Philosophy, Politics and Economics has an international orientation. It covers Microeconomics and Institutional Economics and offers seminars on International Relations and Global Governance, Philosophy of Science, International Political Economy, and Ethics and Human Rights. Students acquire a comprehensive overview of the subject area and address core issues of our time in seminars on Social Networks, War and Conflict, Climate/Environment/Poverty, or Game Theory and Social Contract. Our program is unique in its focus on institutions and organizations. Independent Projects, the Summer School and the Master Thesis offer additional opportunity for individual studies. Students may choose between a two and a four-semester version. Studies in the humanities and arts, the “Studium fundamentale”, form the interdisciplinary heart of Witten/Herdecke University and promote out-of-the-box thinking.

An integrative perspective

Graduates of the Master program will be trained to reliably identify and analyze economic and political factors that influence processes of social change in institutional contexts in order to develop solutions to global challenges at national and international levels. They will have acquired a sound basis of economic, political and philosophical expertise and a keen awareness of transdisciplinary connections. All of this, combined with the Witten tradition of much leeway for lateral thinkers and strong personalities, qualifies graduates for responsible positions in economic and scientific fields, in politics or society.

Career prospects for graduates of our program are positions in political and social institutions, NGOs, management, human resources and organization development, politics and economics related consultancy, and other responsible functions in and for organizations that require a high degree of analytical competence at the interface between business and politics. The Master program also constitutes an excellent basis for entering a Ph.D. program in intersecting fields of economic and political sciences, political philosophy and economic philosophy.

Bright minds, dedicated individuals

We are looking for bright minds, dedicated individuals, unconventional thinkers, for generalists with interdisciplinary expertise, for future change makers, social entrepreneurs.

The program is open to graduates of economics, philosophy, humanities, social and political sciences and other disciplines related to the three key areas “Global Economic Development”, “Global Governance” and “Philosophy and Society”.

The program – key data

  • Start: winter
  • Scope and duration: 4 semesters (120 credits) or 2 semesters (60 credits)
  • Degree: Master of Arts
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Type of studies: full time
  • Application: any time;
  • Requirements: general higher education entrance certificate, or equivalent qualification plus proof of degree qualifying for a professional career (Bachelor, diploma, state examination or equivalent)


Prof. Dr. Joachim Zweynert
Tel.: +49(0)2302 / 926-598

For futher information about the program visit the website of the university
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Specifics of the program at a glance

  • one of Germany’s most renowned universities
  • integration of philosophical, political and economic perspectives
  • choice between two versions with 60 credits (2 semesters) or 120 credits (4 semesters)
  • option of specialization (Majors)
  • strong practical reference, Independent Studies and Independent Projects
  • work in small groups and excellent student-teacher ratio
  • interdisciplinarity
  • Fundamental studies
  • close contacts to political and economic institutions and organizations
  • access to subsequent doctoral studies