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Master of Science / Master of Science

Get your master’s degree in business at a world-class institution

In choosing the ESCP Master in Management, you expand your horizons, and benefit from one of the best business Master’s degrees in the world.

Whether your dream career is in consulting or fashion and luxury, Master in Management will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge in order to reach your goals.

Study abroad

Throughout the two-to-three year programme, you have the opportunity to study abroad, get hands-on experience, and gain all the skills required to launch a fulfilling international career.


ESCP is multi-accredited (AACSB and EQUIS, among others) and is a top-ranked Master in Management programme: 7th in the world, according to the Financial Times.

With 61 specialisations available, over 40 dual degree partners, and 6 urban campuses in some of Europe’s most attractive cities, the Master in Management enables you to benefit from global excellence and to launch your career in the field and country of your dreams.


  • Strengthen your ability to live and work in a highly multicultural and international environment
  • Develop a strong foundation in all functional areas of business
  • Develop advanced skills in critical analysis, communication, and innovation
  • Create your career plan through specialisations and in-company experience

In-company experiences

Master in Management graduates leave with a minimum of 9 months of professional experience. This is thanks to the study-internship and/or apprenticeship structure of the master’s degree.

These in-company experiences are key to developing your professional network, and help you access the best employment opportunities in the future.
In addition to the professional experience you gain through your internships, the master's also provides you with experiential learning through thematic Seminars.
You have the opportunity to project yourself into the role of a manager and get a general overview of the challenges faced by international companies and institutions.

Entry Level: A Bachelor or Master degree
Duration: 2 years
Where you study: Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin, Warsaw


Barbara Schledorn

Tel.: +49 (0)30 32 007 239

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Three main components

  • Core courses of the fundamentals of intercultural management are the focus of your first semester. For students lacking a business or management studies background, remedial “catch-up” courses are offered pre-term.
  • Once a solid knowledge of key management disciplines has been established, you dive into your first of two or three specialisations. With over 60 specialisation courses on offer, you develop expertise of specific business functions and/or industry sectors.
  • Over the course of the two-year curriculum, students have the opportunity to put their skills and knowledge into practice through thematic seminars on the most important topics facing managers today.

Master Year 1

Semester 1: Core Courses + Languages

Semester 2: Specialisation + Advanced Management Course

Master Year 2

Semester 3: Specialisation + electives OR, Internship OR and Partner Institution

Semester 4: Specialisation + electives OR, Internship OR and Partner Institution


You will carry on with your career development plan by choosing:

  • Up to three specialisations: You will personalise your degree and choose from over 60 specialisations across the following business and management areas:
    Accounting/Management Control, Law and Economics, Business Development, Marketing, Consulting, Sustainability, Digital, Cross Disciplinary, Entrepreneurship, Specific Industrial Sector and Finance
  • Electives amongst a selection of 140

Prerequisite “Catch-up” courses

To bring non-management students up to speed, we offer the following “Catch-up” courses that start before the fall term, and continue on during the first semester of studies:
e. g., Accounting, Statistics, Business law, Marketing, Micro Economics


Work placements in the form of internships or short employment contracts are an integral part of the Master in Management. They enable students to apply the theory learned in-class to real-life professional situations, helping in turn to clarify your career goals. See More


Barbara Schledorn

Tel.: +49 (0)30 32 007 239

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Your career launch

Take advantage of our prime locations in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw that have created solid business links to launch your international career.
Located on each of the six ESCP campuses, the Careers Service provides you with the coaching, tools and opportunities to connect you with companies.


With the Master in Management, you will benefit from a comprehensive career development programme, equipping you with the confidence to communicate your value to prospective employers.
Hands-on experience gained through internships and group projects, as well as the school’s international dual degree selection all support our graduates’ successful launching of their careers.

2021 Master in Management First Job Survey

The excellent employment rates of our graduates is a testimonial to the recognition granted to ESCP. Our students benefit from ESCP’s reputation, as well as from the quality of its learning journey:

  • Top Recruiters: Accenture, Accor, Airbus, Amazon, Apple, AT Kearney, Bloomberg, Deloitte ...
  • Industry Sectors: Consulting (27%), Finance, Banking, Insurance (16%), Technology (15%)
  • Average Annual Starting Salary: €54,750

Of all graduates 2021 ...

  • 97% found a job within 3 months of graduation,
  • 47% work outside of their home country,
  • 53% were employed before graduation.

Internships and short employment contracts

Work placements in the form of internships or short employment contracts enable students to apply the theory learned in-class to real-life professional situations, helping in turn to clarify there career goals. As such, work placements are an integral part of the Master in Management programme and the hands-on learning experience.

All students are required to undertake a minimum of 2 work placements lasting at least 2 months each. Students with previous work experience (completed before joining the programme) can validate up to 16 weeks toward the total required. On average, MIM students gain 64 weeks (16 months) of work experience before graduation.

Students have access to an extensive number of partner firms (e.g. consulting firms, major international corporations, investment and commercial banks) via each campus' careers service, which they can contact to secure internships or first jobs.

  • Gain valuable intercultural experience within a company in any country worldwide
  • Put theoretical management methods and techniques into practice in a real-life corporate environment
  • Reflect on the experience gained, the management methodology used and more globally, the human dimension of the organisations
  • Clarify your career goals

Apprenticeship Track

After enrolment, students from the European Union can apply for the apprenticeship track, the ideal way to combine study and professional experience. 100 student apprentices participate each year in the 14-, 18- or 24-month options. The apprenticeship track combines in-company work experience with academic coursework at ESCP. Apprenticeships are available for all students aged under 30. Employment must be in a company governed under French law; accordingly the students must have a sound knowledge of French.
Why choose the Apprenticeship Track?

  • You work in a company and become deeply involved in day-to-day business.
  • You exercise day-to-day responsibilities under the guidance of a senior manager, with the support of a tutor.
  • You benefit from fee exemption and a monthly salary by your company over the full period of the contract.


Barbara Schledorn

Tel.: +49 (0)30 32 007 239

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The Master in Management has several application deadlines per year. The same selection criteria are applied throughout the admissions cycle, however we encourage applicants to apply as soon as they are ready as competition often intensifies in the final rounds.

The application for the 2022 intake is now open. Click here to start your application.

Who should apply?

In order to enter the Master in Management, you have to comply with three requirements:

  • Having a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in any discipline
  • English fluency (level B2, advanced)
  • Being an internationally-minded student with proven academic excellence

Previous work experience, mastering additional languages, and international experience are each considered a plus that will support your application.

The application process

Each application procedure starts by submitting an online application. Once completed, your application will be reviewed. If you are selected, you will be invited in for a motivational interview. After these are conducted, you will be notified regarding the final decision concerning your application. All decisions will be communicated by email.

  • Previous Studies in France - This admission route is exclusively for students with a French university degree. See the Information PDF
  • Previous Studies Outside France - Two admission routes: International Direct Admissions or “Join a School In France” (SAI)
  • Admissions processes for candidates with specific backgrounds - Engineering partner schools, “Sportifs de haut niveau”, “Talent Spring”

For more information on the application procedures, click here.

You need to know:

  • You may submit an application in the same year you complete your Bachelor degree, pre-graduation.
  • You may only submit one application per year. Accordingly, you may only apply through One application path, (i.e. you may not apply through both the International Direct Admissions and “Join a School In France”).
  • Selected candidates will be invited to sit an interview as the final step towards admission.


Barbara Schledorn

Tel.: +49 (0)30 32 007 239

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ESCP Business School › Studienangebot

Master / Master
Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership (berufsbegleitend)
Master of Business Administration / MBA
Executive MBA
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Master of Science / M.Sc.
International Sustainability Management
Our world is changing. Climate change is already having a visible impact, and biodiversity losses are becoming distinctly observable. Businesses as well as society at large thus acknowledge the need to assume our responsibility for a sustainable management of the economy and our livelihoods.
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Bachelor of Science, Master of Science / B.Sc., M.Sc.
The Bachelor in Management (BSc) allows students to become experts in management science and learn how to make complex decisions. While exploring humanities, they practice how to deal with people and lead teams.
Master of Business Administration / MBA
MBA in International Management
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Master of Science / M.Sc.
SALES 4.0 - Master in International Sales Management
Many of today’s best career opportunities are international, enhanced through the digitization of the business world. As more and more companies go global, it’s getting harder to be successful without cultural intelligence. This may be especially true in sales. Therefore, learning how to build close relationships with colleagues and customers from a multitude of different cultures is becoming a core sales and marketing competency.
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Master of Science / M.Sc.
Strategy and Digital Business
By studying the Master in Strategy and Digital Business Programme, you will gain the strategic, digital and entrepreneurial skills for the job markets of today and tomorrow. Based on a strong cooperation between practice partners and our world-class faculty, you will acquire competencies in core areas like strategy, complex problem solving and decision making.
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Master of Science / M.Sc.
Sustainability Entrepreneurship and Innovation
This Master of Science degree in Sustainability Entrepreneurship and Innovation is designed for aspiring change makers who want to apply the tools of business to solving the world’s most urgent social and environmental problems. Whether students set out to integrate sustainability practices into a corporation, start their own purpose-driven companies, or anything in between, this MSc empowers them to drive change within teams, firms, and industries.