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International Business Management – your access to global economy Changes in the political and economic framework, such as the internationalisation of markets, growing capital export and relocation, have forced companies to increasingly search for qualified, internationally experienced graduates. Hence, the fields of work for graduates of the International Business Management programme are virtually infinite. With International Business Management, Fresenius University of Applied Sciences offers a programme tailored to the current landscape of the job market. It allows you to gain basic knowledge in the fields of economics and business administration with a focus on relevant international aspects. You will be empowered to be internationally mobile, and you will gain essential personal and social skills. Due to the international focus of the program, foreign language skills are imperative for successful completion of the program.

To make sure you are on top of any business situation, the International Business Management programme provides you with fundamental knowledge and skills in the fields of economics and business administration. Special focus is set on important international aspects. You will learn how to solve complex problems in international business innovatively, as well as to implement solutions in an adequate and sustainable manner. The International Business Management programme is organised in modules. Each module consists of up to six contact hours per semester. Performance will be graded on the basis of course participation, final exams, presentations, and papers. Each module will be awarded with ECTS credits according to the required workload. Coursework includes the following modules:

  • Business Administration
  • Microeconomics
  • Accounting
  • Controlling
  • Business Law
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources Management
  • Case Studies
  • Personal and Social Skills

On top of technical know-how, everyday working life requires a wide range of additional personal skills and abilities. To optimally prepare you for professional life, your study at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences imparts the following key qualifications:

  • Communication and Contact Skills
  • Team Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Motivation and Leadership
  • Rhetorical Skills
  • Presentation and Moderation
  • Gender Skills
  • Business Ethics

International studies

Fresenius University of Applied Sciences strongly encourages you to gain experience abroad. There are many ways of doing this within the programme: through study periods abroad, through summer and winter school programmes, and through an internship abroad.

Acquire intercultural skills - Go abroad for your majors

The conceptualisation of the International Business Management study programme attaches special importance to international experiences in the form of two integrated semesters abroad. In the 4th semester you will focus on Marketing Management in the USA and in the 5th semester on International Management in China.

Integrated semester in the USA with a major in Marketing Management

This major addresses market-oriented business management. Not only do you learn to develop ideas and strategies – you are also taught how to forecast the success of advertising programmes on the basis of sales analysis and assessments of customer benefits. You learn the “trade” of a marketing decision-maker for consumer goods, services and the business-to-business environment. In particular, the following modules are offered:

  • Strategic and International Management
  • Marketing Tools
  • Fields of Application for the Marketing Conception
  • Marketing Controlling and Organisation

Integrated semester in China with a major in International Management

Globalisation of the economy is having an ever greater impact on business enterprises. Procurement processes in Asia, production in South-Eastern Europe, marketing in Germany and loans from the USA – this is not an unusual constellation in modern economic life. This major will appeal to you, especially if you are interested in a career in the international environment of multinational corporations. In the following modules you will learn to recognise challenges and develop solutions to problems:

  • International Management
  • Human Resources Management/Management Skills
  • Finance and Managerial Accounting in International Business
  • International Economic Relations

Career opportunities for graduates

This Bachelor programme prepares students for the demands of globally operating companies and qualifies them for entry-level positions in all relevant fields of those companies. Study material based on the field of practice and the latest research findings make it possible for you to take well-founded entrepreneurial and business decisions in professional life.

Graduates of the Bachelor programme in International Business Management will find a broad range of areas in which they can apply their gained business administrative expertise and skills in working life. Regular feedback from cooperation partners of Fresenius University of Applied Sciences indicates that this study programme meets market requirements.

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