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The Master degree program Supply Chain Engineering & Management trains you for the growing field of design and management of supply chains. The successful completion of the studies leads to earning an internationally acknowledged Master of Science (MSc) degree and enables a quick career entry in the area of Supply Chain Management (SCM) in a national or international context. As a future manager in a business world marked more and more by globalization, complexity and flexibility, the curriculum aims to teach modern leadership and management competencies. This includes the analysis of business processes, as well as the ability and the readiness to recognize the potential for change, initiate change processes, and to design those change processes successfully. Furthermore you are in a perfect shape to implement control in any business. Thus, the program perfectly matches needs within industry and beyond. Graduates’ career chances are with major players in industries like automobile manufacturing, machinery, precision equipment, aerospace, heavy automotive, technology and software, for example. In particular, a lot of jobs are offered in Germany being one of Europe’s most high-technology-industrialized countries.

Why Jacobs?

There are plenty of reasons why Jacobs University is a fantastic place to study. One of them is, that Jacobs University is globally recognized. It consistently receives top marks in university rankings. Furthermore it is a residential campus with students from all over the world. The classes are small and taught in English. Each student has her/his academic adviser to discuss all kind of questions regarding courses, plans, ideas, personal development or whatever issue or question. We at Jacobs University care about our students throughout their course of studies here on campus – and beyond as being part of the worldwide Jacobs Community.

You can do internships at great companies and have superb prospects for a career afterwards. Bremen is one of the world’s most efficient port and logistics centers. There are many routes for the flow of goods to and from Europe and on of the best route is doubtless Bremen. Jacobs University has close cooperations to many of these logistic companies. Anyways, we manage it to integrate both, theory and practice as well as combining management and engineering with these companies.

Career options

Jacobs University designed this program in close cooperation with experts from industry represented in Jacobs University’s Advisory Board of International logistics. When you finish your MSc in Supply Chain Engineering and Management, you will find a wide range of attractive career options, in the dynamic and interesting field of logistics and beyond. Our graduates are able to work in different areas, such as in the economy, NGO‘s or in the administration. So far, the employment rate of the former program was close to 100% within the first 12 months after graduation. Frequently, students get job offers already during their last year at Jacobs. Among others, so far graduates entered industries such as logistics departments of car manufacturers, the food industry, or the aerospace industry. They work for international operating railway transportation companies or business consultancies. Apart from that, graduates are qualified to opt for a career in academia, in governmental institutions, international organizations, business associations, the media and non-profit organizations. Moreover, Supply Chain Management is of ever-increasing importance, due to globalization and its steady increasing complexity all around the globe. Because of that there is a high demand in personnel that needs to have strong leadership- and problem solving skills.

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