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Product Management (B.A.)

CODE University of Applied Sciences i.G.

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Please note we are still pending accreditation and seeking state-approval as a University of Applied Sciences in Germany. All specifications regarding the study programs are preliminary.

Product managers are responsible for identifying potential new products/markets, generating requirements, and developing product-introduction and marketing strategies. During your product management bachelor program, you will learn how to perform these tasks by gathering and analysing data. You will learn to base your decisions on theoretical and practical insights from the fields of business economics, data science, design thinking, marketing, and project and talent management.

Orientation Semester

At CODE, the assessment will take place throughout our Orientation Semester. At the beginning, we will ask you for a self-assessment of your existing competences. You will then be assigned to three different projects. In each of these projects, you will have a different role (once as software engineer, once as interaction designer and once as product manager) and assume responsibility according to your self-assessment. That is why you should carefully consider how you would assess your existing competences, since it is not much fun to totally struggle with the assigned responsibility, nor to be bored during the project.

Making you play the part of a software engineer, an interaction designer and a product manager not only allows us to verify the existing self-assessment of your competences but also lets you gain a better understanding of the importance, the details and the characteristics of each role which in turn should make you a better team player in future projects.

Fields of product management

Project Management
Stakeholder Mgmt, Agile Methods, Disaster Recovery

Data Science

Data-driven Mgmt, Business Intelligence, Controlling

Wireframing, MVP, Fast Iteration, Release Mgmt

Design Thinking
Solution-based Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity

Business Mgmt, Customer Development, Social Skills

Team Mgmt, Vision, Motivation, Collaboration

Online Marketing
Growth Hacking, Audience Targeting, Branding

Split Testing, Lab Testing, Data-driven Product Development

Your career choices

As a successful product manager, your feet rest firmly on a solid foundation of business economics, marketing and data analysis, while your eyes are fixed on the sky: dreaming up valuable, usable and feasible visions for new products and software solutions. In order to successfully design and implement a new product, product managers have to be passionate about all aspects of the product – from software engineering and technical features, to front-end and interaction design. Fluent in coder-speak, product managers have their artsy designer vocabulary at the ready and shine in board-room management presentations.

We will not tell you, what (or who) you will be after graduating at CODE – this decision will be totally up to you. But to give you an idea, we recommend you head over to for some very interesting interviews with product managers from the digital economy.


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