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MA International Relations

The MA International Relations is a two-year program offered jointly by Jacobs University Bremen and the University of Bremen. Its subject is the analysis of cross-border political interaction and governance beyond the nation state. Mainly rooted in the field of political science, the program additionally covers neighboring disciplines such as international economics, international history, political philosophy and international law. The program is taught in English.

The Curriculum

The program is composed of four fields:

1. Theories and Issues of Global Governance
The first field focuses on basic theories and themes of international relations and governance including issues of international security and international political economy.

2. Changing Context of Global Governance
The second field highlights broader processes of political change which impact international and transnational cooperation including state transformation and the legalization of world politics.

3. Theorizing Social Order and Change
The third field covers classical and contemporary social theory of world politics and aims to provide a theoretical framework for understanding and evaluating issues of governance.

4. Methodology
The fourth field includes courses on research design as well as qualitative and quantitative methods and equips students with the tools to conduct up-to-date research.

In the program, students take three courses from each field, amounting to a total of 12 courses. Each course is worth 7.5 ECTS credit points. The MA thesis is worth 30 ECTS credit points. Upon completion of the MA program, students may choose to continue on the PhD track in Bremen.

For more details on the curriculum, please visit the program website.

Career Perspectives

Graduates of the MA International Relations program are prepared for a career in academia, international organizations, public administration and non-governmental organizations.


Jacobs University
Campus Ring 1
28759 Bremen

Prof. Dr. Marco Verweij
Program Chair

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